Talent is not enough!

TalentPLAYERS is the smallest and most accurate device on the market for monitoring performance in sports!

TalentPLAYERS is the smallest and most accurate device on the market for monitoring performance in sports!

How it works

Accurate – Indoor use – Accessible

The technologies and algorithms developed by TalentPlayers are among the first in the world to leverage exclusively inertial sensors to detect the real movements of athletes, without resorting to the use of GPS or other positioning technologies.



The devices are worn by athletes on the leg, just above the ankle, by means of an elastic band, and are maintained for the entire duration of the training or game. The small size allows them to be easily integrated with the game equipment (socks, shin guards, etc.).

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At the end of the activity, data is downloaded via app from all devices and sent to the web platform, where it can be analyzed in detail with the sophisticated analytical tools provided, and shared with the team.

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The accuracy of the measurements has been characterized with the FIFA methodology. Several scientific studies have certified an error on distance, in the case of linear running and walking, of only 0.66% and of 0.01 m/s ±0.25m/s on instantaneous speed. The average dynamic error on the changes of direction was less than one degree.

Download the technical booklet

Talent Player parameters

Result of a patented proprietary algorithm

Thought and developed with passion in 🇮🇹

  • Changes of direction (>30°)
  • Total distance (km)
  • Distance per minute (km/min)
  • Distance thresholds (km)
  • Maximum speed (km/h)
  • Speed in acceleration (m/s)
  • Speed in deceleration (m/s)
  • Average speed (km/h)
  • Speed during sprint (m/s)
  • Speed thresholds (s, m)
  • Maximum acceleration (m/s 2 )
  • Average acceleration (m/s 2 )
  • Number of accelerations (n)
  • Number of sprints (>20 km/h)
  • Sprint duration (s)
  • Acceleration thresholds (s)
  • Metabolic Energy (kJ/kg)
  • Metabolic power (W/kg)
  • Work ratio (%)
  • Energy thresholds (kJ)


From our platform you can download detailed reports aggregated by team or individual players, create pdf’s to share with staff and players, or download CSV for custom analysis.

Report can be downloaded directly in


it is now essential for any athletic staff to monitor the performance of their athletes: from Serie A to amateur series! This allows you to optimize training, improve performance and make the most of young talents!

Compare our technology with
others on the market

· Accurate performance
· Non-invasive
· Moderate cost
· Detailed report
· Acquisition speed
· Possibility of indoor use


· Measure position
· Wide margin of error
· Uncomfortable to wear
· Expensive technology
· Slow operation
· Does not work indoors


· Measure position
· Uncomfortable to wear
· Complex infrastructure
· Very expensive technology



  • 10 devices
  • 10 elastic bands
  • basic platform
  • 1 team
  • email support
  • 1 year warranty.


  • 25 devices
  • 30 elastic bands
  • PRO platform
  • unlimited teams
  • dedicated phone support
  • 1 year warranty
  • Kasko insurance
  • hw upgrade
  • sw upgrade
  • case for transport and recharge

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What exactly can TalentPLAYERS be used for?

TalentPLAYERS devices are used to measure and monitor the performance of players or athletes over time. It is possible to assess the external load during training, the volume and intensity of physical activity (in training or games) in order to optimize athletic preparation and minimize unnecessary stress. TalentPLAYERS provides several accurate and interesting parameters, such as instantaneous and maximum speed, accelerations, sprints, changes of direction and metabolic quantities related to the sessions performed.

How to use TalentPLAYERS?

The kit consists of several miniaturized devices (TPDev) and elastic bands allowing to wear them just above the ankle. Before starting the session (training or game) turn on the devices and activate the recording. From that moment, the physical activity is measured and recorded. At the end of the session turn off the devices to stop recording. Then connect with the app to the devices and download the data. The app sends the data directly to the TalentPLAYERS web platform, so you can view it from anywhere or even share it with other distant staff members. The web platform allows you to view the acquired data, all calculated metrics, sessions and individual player statistics, and follow their evolution over time. The platform also has sophisticated tools for dividing the time (creating splits or intervals) and printing detailed reports.

What categories is TalentPLAYERS best suited for?

TalentPLAYERS is ideal for professional and amateur teams. The system has been optimized not only for soccer but also for other team sports such as rugby, basketball, volleyball. In addition, TalentPLAYERS has a versatility that allows its application to individual sports such as running.
The cost of TalentPLAYERS is on average lower than that of medium-high-end GPS systems, while providing the same (or better) performance. This allows for much wider adoption than traditional systems.

Can I use TalentPLAYERS for a youth or amateur team?

Of course you can! TalentPLAYERS is designed to be used by sports teams at any level. It is particularly easy to use and has a lower cost than other solutions on the market. It is the ideal solution to monitor in a complete and homogeneous way the entire team.

Can TalentPLAYERS replace ordinary GPS trackers?

Yes, TalentPLAYERS system is designed to be used in the same way as traditional GPS systems and to provide the same basic information, plus other movement dynamics information that GPS systems typically cannot provide. In addition, TalentPLAYERS technology provides some significant advantages over GPS systems:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Greater comfort and less invasiveness
  • Simplicity and speed of use
  • Indoor operation
  • Lower cost

Is it true that TalentPLAYERS can be used indoors?

Yes! One of the main advantages of TalentPLAYERS is that it can be used indoors, without any limitations! This allows for the first time to monitor athletic performance in sports normally played indoors (basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc..), or to monitor the training and activities carried out in the gym.

What is "inertial technology"?

Inertial technology consists in using sensors that measure and analyze the real movement of the athlete. This allows to obtain a direct measure of the actual performance, as opposed to what happens with GPS, LPS and video systems, where all data is calculated from the position. The results obtained with inertial technology are therefore closer to reality and generally more accurate.

Does the data obtained refer to the player's leg?

No! The proprietary (patented) algorithms used by the TalentPLAYERS devices allow to calculate, starting from the data measured on the leg, the dynamic parameters referred to the center of mass of the player. Therefore, for example, the data obtained for speed, distance, direction changes, etc. refer to the entire player, not just to the leg.

At what frequency (how many Hz) does the TalentPLAYERS device operate?

The 6 inertial data are sampled at 100 Hz (so 600 samples per second). But be careful! Don’t get confused with the same figure used by GPS devices. The two technologies are very different: TalentPLAYERS measures directly the movement of the athlete (human movements have a bandwidth of about 12 Hz), GPS measures the position derived from satellite signals (data with a frequency below 20 Hz are not very accurate but data with a higher frequency can be noisier, due to the operation of the GPS signal).

How has TalentPLAYERS' technology been validated?

In at least three different ways:

  1. Using FIFA’s methodology for validating EPTS (FIFA, “Handbook of test methods for EPTS devices,” July 2019);
  2. By comparing it directly, on the field, with other technologies (e.g., GPS) over the course of a variety of training sessions and games for different professional teams;
  3. It has been independently validated by a research of the University of Palermo, published in an international journal (G. Pillitteri et al. “Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Sensor Device for Specific Running Patterns in Soccer. Sensors 2021, 21, 7255).

All these tests have shown an excellent accuracy of the data obtained and in general a higher precision and reliability than GPS systems.
More information on these aspects can be found in the TalentPLAYERS Technical Booklet.

What does TalentPLAYERS assistance consist of?

Each club will have a dedicated person from our team who will support the customer in any problem. In this way we want to establish a personal relationship with our customers so that we can solve as quickly as possible any inconvenience and allow the use of our tools to their full potential.

Does TalentPLAYERS cost less than GPS trackers because it is less accurate?

Absolutely not! The reason is that inertial technology allows us to build simpler and therefore less expensive devices, while achieving even greater accuracy than GPS systems. This makes TalentPLAYERS the ideal choice for youth and amateur sectors (in soccer and other sports), which until now have not been able to benefit from any kind of tracking technology.